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#28 Alyeska – Best Responsive WordPress Theme

Moving past the outer design and style options, your experience opens up to so many potential possibilities by having the theme Blvd Framework at the base of your responsive theme. Make sure to checkout our installation video and then explore the “Getting Started” section of your documentaion for tons of great tips. We maintain a smaller volume of themes to ensure they remain consistent and up to date fo the long haul. Our themes also include an ionclusive in-dashboard update system to seamlessly pull updates from Envato servers to your WordPress Installation. Troughout all of our framework’s theme options and associated plugins, we provide a consistent powerful admin experience that blends seemlessly into the beauty of WordPress.
Within your typography options, select from one of our web safe fonts, or input any font from google font directory to have it automatically included in your website. Harness the true flexibility of using a theme blvd by pairing it with our infamous layout builder plugin. Create as many custom layouts as you want with an unlimited number of element combinations. After installing our sliders plugin, you’ll have our slick, slider manager at your fingertips. Quickly create fully responsive, custom sliders that you can place just about anywhere.
Our system for sidebar layouts is so simple, you’ll wonder why every WordPress theme doesn’t work like this. Select from our six sidebar layouts for your entire website or any individual page, post or custom layout from the layout builder. Your theme comes packed with two sidebar locations and several collapsible, horizontal widget area locations for ads. When combined with our widget areas plugin, you can create an unlimited number of custom widget areas to swao in for any location on any page of your website. With our classic featured image link options default WordPress galleries, and our lightbox shorcode comes fully responsive lightbox integration for linking to images,, video and google maps. We strive to simplify your experience by cutting out erronious terms, and breaking the display of your posts down to its core. Trough custom page templates, shortcodes and the layout builder, you can always display posts in either a list or a grid. However, if you would like to extend our post grid system to a custom post type, you can use our portfolios plugin. It comes packed with tons of awesome theme integration features to keep portfolio items separated from your standard posts.
This theme is subtly built on top of the infamous twitter bootstrap, with fontawesome vector icon integration. For a set of essential widgests, make sure to install our widget pack plugin. This includes a responsive video widget, simple contact widget, a horizontal menu widget for collapsible widget areas, and mini post list and grid. For perfect twitter integration into your theme, blvd using the lates twitter API, use our plugin, Tweeple. It’ll allow you to setup Twitter feeds to pull a user’s public timeline, public list, favorite tweets, or a custom search terms, phrase or hashtag. Our theme come packed with one of the most flexible frameworks around for developers. Customize just about anything from a Child theme in fact, we have an entire website of tutorials just for you.
If you’re new to making theme customizations, we’ve got a child theme included in your package that’s already setup and ready for you to install. We’ve also included a video to walk you through it. Not only does come localization-ready to WordPress standards along with an included RTL stylesheed, we also provide full WPML support to create the ultimate multilingual website. Included an extensive documentation file filled with tons of useful information and video tutorials. Register over at our support forum to get excellent timely support with your purchase from the experts behind the theme.

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